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omgf u kills sonikku u bastud


I liked the low(ish) frame-rate in this movie. It gives it a lot of character. Although my computer may just be an asshole, so you can just ignore the last statement if it's not true.. There was no jerkiness in the movements, and the art style was superb. The plot was simple, but it really didn't need to be complicated. The music fit this animation like a glove.

My only complaint is that it wasn't actually an hour long.

Well done.

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MasterMerol responds:

The movie runs at 24 fps, if at the ending the dog doesn't seem to move his legs when walking away, then yes, your computer is an asshole (mine is too sometimes).


Continuing the streak of 7's...

It's not a bad reel.
The animation was well done, and the art was ok (some parts were much more detailed than others). Of course, this is a demo reel, so I won't take points off for it being unfinished.

Thanks to the other reviews, I'm sure you're aware that the main problem with this is that it's out of context, but I think it's worth repeating. Also, using lip-synced animations without fitting audio doesn't really show much of your talent.

Overall, this was a good demo of what you can do with flash, but it would be nice to understand what's happening.

Horsenwelles responds:

its meant to show my lip syncing talents as well as fluent animation. and thanks for the tips

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Snake squad? I could've sworn that was Dad with green stuff on his face.

Add this one: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/513016

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Really cool and atmospheric! I like the dissonant, melancholy vibe. It
evokes the imagery of exploring a once-futuristic city, which has since been burned to the ground. The bell instrument is mixed in perfectly, and I really like the subtlety of the guitar(?) in the background. It only flares up when it needs to, and it adds tons of atmosphere instead of overpowering the other instruments. I also dig the distant white noise. That staticy sound is a staple in your tracks, but I think you've completely mastered it. It always manages to add personality to your beats, instead of muddling everything up like it does when I try it xD

That said, I think the kick drum could have been a little more punchy. It doesn't quite have the impact that it needs for a track like this. Also, the last 15 seconds could have probably been cut. These are just nitpicks though. Overall, very good track :)

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thank you much for the well thought out review. I always enjoy it when people leave me detailed reviews.

The bell is a piano, haha. No guitar either. Just piano, drums and the vocal sample.

The staticy sound is vinyl dust that I almost always layer my tracks with to add to the old skool sound I compose.

i r8 8/8
pls extend

Hikari responds:

tHiz raveew i's gr8

The bass made my head explode.


LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks mang! :)

Your head asplode.

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Pretty good!

The 3D in this piece is really well done, and I like the uniqueness of the art style (it almost reminds me of Team Fortress 2). It almost looks like a plastic figurine. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for. It could use a little more color, though.

A background of some kind would have made this more pleasing to look at, as would fixing the point of view so that the model is in the center of the picture (or at least so that we can see the whole thing.

Overall, it's a nice model, but some mistakes were made in the model's presentation.

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Not bad!

This definitely looks like a burger, so that's good. The shading is decent and I like how the cheese folds and how the lettuce folds. But, it has a few problems.

The background fits with the font choice, but neither of them really fit with the burger. Most of the textures are good, but the bun looks odd to me. It looks like it's growing manly stubble. And while burgers are indeed quite manly, I wouldn't really want to eat one if it was growing a beard. It's also got some jagged edges on it.

Overall, It's good, but the bun and the background need work.

::Review Request Club::

PlusPlusKid responds:

i loved your review, really funny stuff XD


I really liked the style of this piece. It's cartoony, but it's dark. The color scheme stays consistent throughout the picture. I liked some of the little details that you added in (the spent shell casing, the hand-prints, the broken windows, etc.). The shotgun looks really nice too, and I like the exaggerated muzzle flash (and also how it reflects off the shotgun).

The only real complaint I have is that some of the hands look weird. But, I know that hands are a bitch to draw.

Overall, It's a great piece with a lot of style.

Lintire responds:

I've had plenty of practice before and after. To be honest... i jsut got lazy with the hands. Yeah, that ones on me...

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out how incredibly terribly terrible I can be.


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